[vendtalk] Update on HR7: Please Take the Necessary Action

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Thu Feb 23 15:22:03 UTC 2012

Update on HR 7


It is our understanding that Congressman LaTourette is still working on
language that will allow some degree of commercialization on rest area
highways. He has heard the concerns of blind vendors and is now considering
changing his amendment to allow the commercialization only on non-interstate
highways. We have no assurance that he will restrict the scope of the
amendment that much. Regardless, we remain steadfastly opposed to any
attempt at commercialization of rest areas along our interstate or
non-interstate highways. Several states have blind vendors operating vending
facilities at rest areas on non-interstate highways. Consequently,
LaTourette's amendment would still adversely impact blind vendors.
Furthermore, it is our fear that this will be the first step toward full
commercialization of the interstate rest areas. 


The situation is further complicated by the fact the Organization of State
Departments of Transportation will be meeting in DC next week and will be
calling on their congressional representatives. From what we understand, one
of the issues they will be promoting is this very issue of commercialization
of the interstate rest areas. Therefore, we need to make sure that the
voices of the blind continue to be heard. Blind vendors and other blind
consumers need to call their Congressmen and urge them to vote against
LaTourette's amendment. All Congressional offices can be reached by dialing

Thank you for your response to this call to action. 


Terry C Smith

NFB Blind Entrepreneurs Initiative



Kevan Worley

Executive Director

National Association of Blind Merchants


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