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Can I just send you a check for $200.00 and you puchase the products? 

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Subject: Heads Up! Please forward 


Greetings colleagues, 


Nicky Gacos, President, National Association of Blind Merchants, asked me to 
forward this message to you.  Will you please, in turn, forward this email 
to some of our buddies who are Randolph Sheppard vendors who may not have 
seen this information.  Also, each of you might want to call a couple of 
your buddies and encourage them to participate. 


This has been one of the most successful years in the history of the 
National Association of Blind Merchants. Nicky, working with so many of you, 
has launched the blind entrepreneur initiative and other programs.  Let's 
top off the year in style. The snack pack program at the national convention 
is a tradition going back more than two decades.  Our friends in Illinois, 
New Jersey, and Colorado have secured some contributions of goodies from 
some of our suppliers, but not as many as in past years. 


We must count on each other.  Please contact Jessica Moorefield at VISTAR 
Dallas.  She is excited to help.  She is waiting for your call.  You can use 
a credit card if, or if you are a VISTAR customer you can use your VISTAR 
account number.  Call her at 1-800-234-5211, ext. 76414. You can also order 
by email.  Her e-mail address is jmoorefield at pfgc.com . We cannot count on 
others. This is an important fundraiser. We need 24,000 individual snacks if 
we are going to sell 1,200 snack packs containing 20 snacks in each bag. 
Again this year, Envision America is providing nice bags.  Please help us 
fill each bag.  Please contact VISTAR and order your share for the good of 
the cause.   


Thank you.  Even if you are not attending convention, please help with this 


Remember that hundreds of blind people come to our convention for 
information and inspiration.  Many come on very, very limited budgets. 
These $5 snack bags really do matter to so many who try to make ends meet at 
the convention.  Each of us can afford to order at least a couple of cases. 
Sweet, salty, healthy, or hot!  Chips, peanut butter crackers, Kars peanuts, 
etc.  You pick it - you pay it - together we will pack it, we will sell it 
at the exhibit hall.  Please do it today!  Please reach out and urge all of 
our colleagues to participate.  Cut off deadline is next Tuesday at 5 p.m.! 
Don't wait. 


Thank you! 





Kevan Worley 

Executive Director 

National Association of Blind Merchants 


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