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In our system, each vendor is rated on a ranking list that is derived from a
combination of seniority and performance points.  Seniority points are
calculated on the basis of tenure in the program, a full point per year for
the first six years and half a point thereafter.  The second set of points
are awarded on the basis of performance.  We have a maximum possible score
of 40 points which vendors can lose on the basis of deficiencies in eight
different performace categories.  Adding the two numbers together fixes a
vendor's place on what we call a ranking list.  Most vendors do not lose
more than a few performance points so the ranking list is usually a straight
up descriptor of seniority.  The seniormost person on the ranking list has
the first right of refusal on any available primary location but they have
to surrender their current location in exchange.  For this reason, most
senior vendors who may already have the most desirable locations generally
pass on the opportunity to move to a new primary location.  Our ranking list
is not perfect but we use it as a bible for refereeing bids on new

If by discretionary you mean something other than performance related, it
would be frowned upon in our program, and not least because it would invite
the kind of subjective judgments that create dissension in our ranks.

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DOES any states use discretionary points as part of the scoring points for
awarding locations ?
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