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I'm sorry about that. I do remember that you filled out an application or that you had planned on it while we were together at Oklahoma Merchant meeting in August. I do know that at least 300 blind vendors have begun receiving quarterly checks. 

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I filled this out in the fall but have seen no results from it.

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Are you a Vend Operator that purchases from a Vending Distributor, Sams Club (Mars credit only), or authorized Food Service Distributors?  Have you signed up for AmeriSource rebates yet?  If you have and have received your first check, sound off here and let everyone know how great it is to finally receive rebates straight to your mailbox.  If you have not signed up yet and want to; send me an e-mail and I will send you an application or help you fill one out.
E-mail  randolph_sheppard at yahoo.com or call 630-234-4444  The 2nd quarter deadline to enroll is quickly approaching.

Here is the 2nd Quarter important information for everyone on rebate.

Important Announcements, April, May, June  2013

Orders are to be placed and delivered the first week of the calendar month starting of the Quarter. This will insure you will receive all promotional “Deals” incorporated into the Plan-O-Gram for additional cost saving.

A copy of the Plan-O-Gram included for your convenience.
By eliminating the other SKU’s not on the Plan-O-Gram (except customer’s
requests) this will reduce your floor stock inventory and increase your cash flow.

Manufacturer newly released items are incorporated into the Plan-O-Gram; Rotation of Newly Released Product will increase your sales for a 6 to 8 week period!
“Keep the Customer coming back to your machine to see what’s New”
In addition to your Plan-O-Gram, you will receive a Program Manufacturer listing. This list builds in flexibility for regional requests and customer demands.

Important Announcements:
·        In a year where Manufacturers are cutting back on Rebate Items; It’s
Important to follow the Programs and Program Items in order to maximize your

·        “New” Nestle Candy Program

Kraft has split into Two Separate Companies

* Mondelez International (Kraft Snack Products)
Quarterly Menu Incentives plus Base Rebate

1. Oreo Sleeve Cookies – Sleeve Cookies 120 Count
2. Snackwells Vanilla - Sleeve Cookies 60 Count
3. Chips Ahoy – 2 OZ. 60 Count
4. Cadbury Swedish Fish Red 2 oz.
5. Cadbury Sour Patch Watermelon 2 oz.
6. Certs Spearmint 18 Box-24Pack-12 Count

* Mondelez 2nd Quarter Off-Invoice AllowancesQ2 2013 Vend Off Invoice
Allowances – these off invoice amounts are in addition to rebates received
Promotion timing - Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Monday, June 17, 2013
RITZ CHIPS 60/1.75Z ORIG $0.90
RITZ CHIPS 60/1.75Z SC&O $0.90
OREO MINI 1.5Z $1.20
HM 60/1.75Z GRH CIN $1.20
RITZ BITS 60/1.5Z PT BTSA $1.20
RITZ BITS 60/1.5Z CHS SAN $1.20
HANDISNK 100/.95Z CHS&CRK $1.20
100 CALORIE 72/.74Z CHEESE NIPS $1.50
WHEAT THINS 72/1.75Z $1.50
NEWTON FIG 60/2.1Z FF $1.50
Oreo Chocolate Sandwich SS $2.16
CHIPS AHOY! MINI 36/3Z $2.16
RITZ BITS CHS 36/3Z BB $2.16
NTR BTR BITES 36/3Z BB $2.16
LORNA DOONE 120/1.5Z SLV $2.40
SWISS CREME 120/1.8Z SLV$2.40
NTR BTR BITES 60/1.75Z BG $2.40
NEWTON FIG 120/2Z SLV $3.00
GOLDEN OREO 120/1.8Z $3.00
NTR BTR PB SS 1.9Z $3.84
OREO120/1.8Z SLV PACK $7.20

2013 Cloverhill Program Changes
* Cloverhill will ONLY support the following items for the Rebate Program
1.       Big Texas Cinnamon Roll
2.       Cheese Round Danish
3.       Cherry Cheese Claw 4.75 oz.
4.       Jumbo Glazed Honey Bun 4.75 oz.
5.       Jumbo Iced Honey Bun
6.       Apple Round Danish
7.       Blueberry Cheese Claw
8.       Bear Claw
9.       Strawberry Cheese Claw
10.   Blueberry Blasters

2013 Mars Program Changes
·        MARS 2013 Multi-Level Program

Elite Program
1.      Rebate 9%
2.       Six Facing – Snickers, Single or King Serving Size
          M&M Peanut, Single or King Serving Size
          Twix Carmel, Single or King Serving Size
          Musketeers, Milky Way + Plus Any Mars Chocolate Single or King 
3.       Must Purchase $5,000.00 of Mars Purchasing per Quarter
4.       Machine Count Required
5.       Target Goal 100% versus prior Year Cases Purchased per Quarter
6.       Option if 100% versus prior Year not obtain:
Program reverts to 85% versus Prior Year Cases: Snickers, M&M Peanut @ 3%
All other Chocolate Products (excluding Peg Packs) @ 8%

Base Program
1.      Rebate - Snickers and M&M Peanut @ 3%
   All Other Chocolate Products (Excluding Peg Packs) @ 8%
2.       Target Goal 95% versus Prior Year Cases Purchased per Quarter
3.       Six Facing – Snickers, Single or King Serving Size
          M&M Peanut, Single or King Serving Size
          Twix Carmel, Single or King Serving Size
          Musketeers, Milky Way + Plus Any Mars Chocolate Single or King 
4.       No Minimum Mars Purchases Required Per Quarter
5.       No Machine Count Required

Frito Lay – Core 12 Products - Single Serve & LSS
1.       Doritos Nacho Cheesier
2.       Doritos Cool Ranch
3.       Frito Regular
4.       Frito Chili Cheese
5.       Cheetos Crunchy
6.       Cheetos Crunchy “Flamin’ Hot”
7.       Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno
8.       Lay’s Regular
9.       Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream
10.   Sun Chips – All Flavors
11.   Rold Gold Tiny Twists
12.   Grandma’s Vanilla Mini Crèmes

Hershey 2013 Program
* Hershey 2013 Program Will Only Support (Rebate) the following Brands / SKU’s
1. Reese’s 2 Cup
2. Reeses 3 Cup LSC
3. Almond Bar Vend
4. Almond Bar LSC
5. Hershey Milk Chocolate Vend Bar
6. Hershey Milk Chocolate LSS bar
7. Kit Kat LSC
8. Kit Kat Extra Crispy Vend Bar
9. Payday Vend Bar
10. Twizzlers Bar Vend
11. Almond Joy Bar Vend
           These are only items that Hershey will support!!!!!
If you Purchase any other Hershey Products You Will Not Get a Rebate

·        Kellogg’s Rocks 2013 Program
Based on Individual Operator Quarterly Performance!
To Participate, Operator must purchase at least minimum of 3 categories 

1.       Pop Tarts – All Two Count
2.       Rice Krispies Treats 1.3 oz. & 1.7 oz.
3.       Chees-its – 1.5 oz., 2 oz. & 3 oz.
4.       Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (only Chocolate Chip) 2 oz. & 3 
5.       Wholesome Bars
·         Nutri-Grain Bars (Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Blueberry)
·         Special K Fruit Crisps (Strawberry and Blueberry)
·         Fiber Plus Bars (Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Almond)
·         Keebler Granola Fudge Bars (Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter)
·         Kashi TLC Granola Bars (Trail Mix and Honey Almond Flax)

Level 1 – Purchase 10 cases minimum of each of 3 to 5 categories
                 (Only 5 cases required of Wholesome Bar category)
Level 2 – Purchase 40 cases minimum of each of 3 to 5 categories
                 (Only 20 cases required of Wholesome Bar category)
Level 3 – Purchase 150 cases minimum of each of 3 to 5 categories
                 (Only 50 cases required of Wholesome Bar category)
The more categories you purchase based on the minimum per category the more 

Fresh Pastry: Location! Location! Location!
Merchandising of the Fresh Pastry to increase turns and reduce stales; the 
Pastry Shelf has been relocated to the center of the machine! Fresh Pastry 
to be ordered in advance, please contacted your distributor for ordering
procedures. All Fresh Pastry will be delivered with pre-stamped code dates 
every item.

Fresh Pastry selections should rotate weekly. Select your weekly selections 
the Plan-O-Gram authorized list. Basic format for Fresh Pastry selections is
Three Facings (Slots) One Breakfast Item and Two Afternoon Snack Items to
maximize sales Mrs. Freshley’s Oatmeal Cream Pie & Nutty Buddy Bar good long
shelf Pastry Items.

New Products
Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
Trident® Mint Bliss 12X12X18PC Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
Trident® Island Berry  Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
Lime Escape 12X12X19PC  Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
Stride® Fearless Fruit 12X12X14PC Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
ID® Winter Mixer 12X12X14PC Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
ID® Mango Tango 12X12x14PC Case count 144 Unit Size/oz. 1.00
Honey Maid Lil’ Squares case Count 72 Unit Size/oz. 1.06

PROGRAM Manufacturers 2013
The purpose: “To Sell the Top Selling Brands and Items”
These Supporting Manufacturers will provide you with Best Quality at the 
Price, increasing sales and rebates.

Key Manufacturers:
* Kraft Foods
* General Mills
* Snyder’s – Lance
* Florida Natural – Juices & Drinks
* Coca Cola Refreshments
NEW for 1st Quarter 2013
* Nestle Candy Confections
* Biscomerica
* Buzz Strong Cookies
* Bubble Bee
* Chattanooga Bakery - Moon Pie
* General Mills
* Cape Cod Potato Chips
* Snyder’s
* Lance Crackers
* Corazonas – All Natural - Lowers Cholesterol Oatmeal Squares
* Daisy Bakery
* Domino Foods
* Herr’s Potato Chips
* Hershey
* Just Born
* Kar Nut
* Kraft – Snack Company
* Kraft - Grocery
* Kellogg / Keebler – Individual Operator Performance
* Frito Lay Potato Chips
* Farley’s & Sather’s
* Mars
* McKee Foods – Little Debbie
* Maruchan
* Monogram / Trails Best / O’Brien’s
* Mrs. Freshleys
* Medora Snacks
* Rudolph’s
* Rugger Wafers
* Promotion N’ Motion
* Cloverhill
* Con Agra
* Diamond Crystal Brands
* Hormel Foods
* Nestle - Hot Pockets Creamers, Nescafe
* Nestle Confections - Candy
* Campbell’s / Pepperidge Farm
* Inventure Group / Pore Brothers / TGIF
* Sank King
* Wise Snack Foods
* Wrigley – Gum, Lifesavers, Starburst, Skittles
* Vistar – Rye Street Deli Potato Chips
  Heritage Muffins & Pastries
* Kangaroo Foods
* Taste of Nature
* Dole
* Merisant Equal
* Oloves – Pre-Packaged Olives
* Stork
* Zapp’s Potato Chips
* F & F Foods – Foxes Roll Mints
* Old Colony – Brownies

* Nestle Water
* Florida Natural
* Shasta / Faygo Beverages
* Push Beverages
* Very Fine Juices & Drinks
* Sunny Delight Beverages
* Coke - CCR
* Folgers
* Novamex
* Maxwell House Coffee
* Tassimo
* Bigelow Tea
* Unilever / Lipton Tea
* Five Hour Energy

Frozen Manufacturers:
* Burry Bagels
* Entenmann’s
* Raybern
* Sara Lee
* Ruiz Mexican Foods
* Buddy’s Kitchens
* Landshire
* Lettieri’s
* Otis Spunkmeyer
* White Castle
* Chef America “Hot Pockets”
* Deli Express
* Pierre Foods
* Jose Ole` - Specialty Brands / Windsor Foods Products (Mexican)
* Sara Lee Frozen Foods
* Schwan’s
* Stefano’s
* Table Talk Pies
* JTM Box Pies
* Vistar – Ultimo Pizza

* Silver Source / First Mark OCS & Vend Cleaning Supplies; Trash Liners
* Superior Cup

* Vend Center
* D&S Vending, Inc.
* Oasis 24
* Smart-N-Go
* Vendsys
* USA Technologies
Thank you,

Kathy Ungaro
randolph_sheppard at yahoo.com

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