[vendtalk] Tech videos on Vending Machines and Coin Mechs/Validators in English & SPanish

Vandervoort's vandervoorts at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 20 19:20:39 UTC 2013

FYI - The following is a great video resource library for the vending folks.
Yes, they are videos, 60 in English and 14 in Spanish.  No, they are not
described.  However, it is still a great collection and I am sure it can
help some with issues related to their machines and/or their coin mech's and
validators.  You do have to provide your name, email, and phone number to
gain access.


Mike Vandervoort

Abilene, TX


597e1125&id=c5eb03e0ff&e=c5421163a2> 60 comprehensive technical support


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A&M Equipment Sales Presents:

A&M Technical Support Videos

At A&M Equipment Sales, we understand the frustration of calling a company
for support on a basic technical question. So A&M Equipment Sales has made
the vending business easier. We have created over
597e1125&id=c5eb03e0ff&e=c5421163a2> 60 comprehensive technical support
videos. Learn how to solve complex repairs, or maintain daily tasks. Use
them as a training video for your employees, if your new to the vending
business and do not know much about the machine, or if you're a veteran in
the business and just want to brush up on your knowledge. Ultimately we're
trying to save you time and help you understand your machine! At A&M
Equipment Sales, we offer Technical Phone Support for the lifetime of your
machine bought through us! So if something isn't covered or you have an
additional question give us a call.

*	60 in English
*	14 in Spanish.
*	Videos range from AP Product Support - Vendo Product Support.

.        Don't need support on a machine? We got you covered!  - 
We have videos on Coinco products, Conlux products, MEI products, LED
installations, and removal of a Changer & Validator.


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