[vendtalk] Does anyone know of or use a Lost & Found service such as from Okoban?

Vandervoort's vandervoorts at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 23 17:21:49 UTC 2013

Does anyone use Okoban or another such service to help you reclaim your lost
or misplaced stuff?  If so, what has been your experience and would you
recommend whatever you have to others?


I ran across a link to a web site company that offers to sell you sticky
label tags that you place on I Phones, laptops, cameras, and passports and
loop-secured style plastic tags that you put on luggage, purses, bags and
anything with a handle or metal or plastic loop. Basically, to be put on
anything that you take with you beyond the home.  The idea is that the tag
has a unique number assigned only to you and the company's website address.
If an honest person finds your stuff, she goes to the website, enters your
number from the tag and a message about how to retrieve the item.  The
company than sends you both an email and a text message and hopefully, all
that works to your advantage.  If you are out and you lose your smart phone,
I am not sure that will help you until you get to someplace you can check
your email.  And of course, this assumes that the person finding your
personal item is honest and motivated enough to go through the steps.  But,
all in all, it sounds a little better than nothing or just your name, home
address, telephone number, etc tags.

Here is the link:

 <http://mystufflostandfound.com/> http://mystufflostandfound.com/

OkobanR. Global lost and found service.

Protect your laptop, passport, luggage, iPhone and valuables with Okoban
tracker tags. Your lost valuables find you.  Purchase includes lifelong


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