[vendtalk] Delaware Bill Seeks To Expand Blind Vendor Opportunities

Dennis Horn dhorn12 at cfl.rr.com
Sun Jun 23 21:41:26 UTC 2013

In most states the BEP/BBE operators are private contractors.  In Florida
this was done by operator choice.  This allows them to shop around and get
the best deals they can.  The outcome has been one of the most envied and
prosperous programs in the country.  I daresay no operator in Florida wants
the state to negotiate prices for them.  

On the surface this might seem a means to increase operator profits.  But if
it came about there would be strings attached.  Any benefit would be
mitigated by unforeseen intrusions.  We have to be careful of what we ask
the government for-they only want to help.

My best advice to any operator in this country is to work hard, apply sound
business principles, work hard, rely on yourself, and work hard.  Then, I
guarantee, you will prosper.

Dennis Horn

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Though it is not yet law, I believe that this capability should be the case
for every state's BEP/BET program.  It would allow even the smallest vendor
to get better pricing for product and improve the blind managers'
profitability.  I had asked about this in Texas but was told that state law
forbids the state from passing along any such benefit to private/non-state
businesses or organizations.   
(PS - Texas Gov Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would impose dietary
restrictions on sugary drink products sold through vending machines in some
public schools.  The new law would have expanded current laws.) 

>From Vending Times
Issue Date: Vol. 53, No. 7, July 2013, Posted On: 6/18/2013 
Delaware Bill Seeks To Expand Blind Vendor Opportunities
Emily Jed
Emily at vendingtimes.net 

DOVER, DE -- Delaware lawmakers have introduced a bill in the state
Legislature that would broaden economic opportunities for blind residents in
the state by creating snack bars, cafeterias and vending facilities on
federal, state and municipal properties.
Under federal law and state law, Delaware's Business Enterprise Program is
granted priority to operate vending facilities on federal and state
property. The proposed legislation -- HB 139 -- would amend these rules to
allow licensed participants in Delaware's BEP to purchase materials and
nonprofessional services under any central contract negotiated by the state.


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