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Dwight Johnson dwightej7 at comcast.net
Sun May 5 01:38:02 UTC 2013

Hello Kevan:

How does one go about transfering from AmeriSource to the RSA Buying Group? 
I appreciate all the valuable information that you pass along.

Dwight Johnson
Tennessee Vendor

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> Greetings friends and colleagues,
> We are happy to welcome a new rebate opportunity to the Randolph-Sheppard 
> market. Over the past several months, it is my understanding that over 300 
> blind vendors have signed up and have begun receiving some excellent 
> rebate return from a company called AmeriSource. This relationship between 
> the National Association of Blind Merchants and AmeriSource, as well as 
> the relationship between this nation's blind vendor community and 
> AmeriSource, has shown suppliers and distributors that the blind buying 
> group has even more potential than they ever realized. NABM President 
> Nicky Gacos has worked tirelessly over two decades to get manufacturers 
> and distributors to understand the buying group power within 
> Randolph-Sheppard. Mr. John Gordon, NABM Board Member has also brought his 
> energy and expertise to this work. Kathy Ungaro, a consultant for 
> AmeriSource has thoughtfully articulated the importance of building a 
> large cooperative of blind vendors in order to reap higher rebates from 
> the maximum amount of suppliers and distributors. Over several years, a 
> number of efforts have been made to make it possible for blind vendors to 
> benefit from a third party entity which would have a commitment to our 
> program and reliably collect the necessary data from distributors in order 
> to make rebates feasible. AmeriSource was the first to do it well. Now we 
> welcome a new partner into the marketplace. As I review both programs, it 
> seems clear to me that the new Randolph-Sheppard Service Association (RSA) 
> rebate cooperative will usually meet, and likely more often than not 
> exceed, the rebate dollars distributed to blind vendors currently 
> distributed by AmeriSource. This is not endorsement by me. It is simply my 
> analysis after having visited with a number of experts in this field. 
> Moreover, and this I think is critical and extremely significant, the RSA 
> Buying Group has relationships which will allow all blind vendors to 
> receive rebates on beverages. RSA has contributed training dollars to 
> national conferences. They are the only rebate association which is 
> contributing sponsorship dollars to the upcoming BLAST. It seems clear to 
> President Gacos and myself that they are reliable, and they bring a 
> commitment of service and accountability. Their credibility within the 
> vending community, including the largest vend operators such as Canteen, 
> Sodexo and many others, is astonishing. It is an extraordinarily 
> impressive organization with governance based on real integrity. Although 
> I have only a few beverage machines under Randolph-Sheppard, I have 
> decided to align myself with the new RSA Buying Group. I think the proof 
> will be in the pudding. How will we know unless hundreds of us sign up 
> immediately? Again, Ms. Ungaro and her client AmeriSource have done our 
> community a great service. They were pioneers and champions. However, 
> whether or not the AmeriSource approach continues to pioneer, only time 
> will tell. The thing about business is that successful businesses are 
> built step by step, one opportunity seized at a time. I would suggest that 
> we seize the rebates offered by the provider which has credibility, 
> accountability, and is able to parlay their vast network into increased 
> rebates for almost every blind vendor in our community. After all, that 
> has been our goal since the very beginning.
> At your service,
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> Kevan Worley
> Executive Director
> National Association of Blind Merchants
> kevanworley at blindmerchants.org<mailto:kevanworley at blindmerchants.org>
> 866-543-6808
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