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Harlon Cowsar II deucehc at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 22:11:35 UTC 2014


  A couple of the managers who are attending their first BLAST Conference have been asking if there will be any tours or extracurricular events associated with this years convention. They have heard about some of the activities at prior conferences and want to participate in every aspect. They seem to be excited about attending and asked me to inquire about this. If there are, will you please email me the information about what they are, how much the cost is, and when they are scheduled for? I appreciate any info you can provide. They asked me to find out, as well, if there is a finalized agenda available, yet. If so, can you include a copy of that, too.
   We are all looking forward to Austin and, if this conference is as nice as those previous, I'm sure it will be spectacular. I hope that this finds you and yours doing well and thanks for the BLAST information.

In Sincere Appreciation,

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