[VendTalk] Demonstrating cool new technologies at the biggest and best blast ever

Kevan Worley Kevan at wefitwellness.com
Wed Sep 6 22:37:20 UTC 2017

Greetings colleagues, as you know there are a number of emerging technologies that allow blind and visually impaired people even greater independence by providing visual descriptions and interpretation through your smart phones. I know that some of these technologies will likely be on display next week at blast. I am excited!  Aira Visual interpretation is just one of the great services about which I am most excited. Many of you know about the service. If you would like a demonstration sometime next week. Get in touch with me. Are use the service to travel through airports, go shopping, take inventory and read mail. I know people who are using the service for all kinds of visual tasks. If you want to hear a little about the service before blast just send me a note. If you like to schedule a 15 or 20 minute demonstration of the service send me a note or give me a call at 303-929-2369. Using the glasses through your smart phone to connect to a live agent who can provide you information through the lens mount it on the glasses is pretty empowering. It is fun stuff! Of course the company will be doing demos Wednesday afternoon during the trade show and at other times. But I arrive Monday and I'd be happy to use my glasses and phone to give anyone a demonstration if you would like to have it. Thanks. I am dictating on the cell phone so this isn't perfect but I'm sure you get the jest. Do you get the jest? I'm confident that you do. Hope to see many of you at blast. I am absolutely excited about this big  Nashville blast! I know that some of my guys from Colorado or even having to stay at an overflow hotel. Wonderful wonderful job and congratulations to the blast leadership team Sent from my iPhone

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