[VendTalk] Aira and Its Employment Initiatives

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Colleagues and Friends:


I have been asked by my colleagues at Aira to share with these relevant
NFBNet.org listservs information about the Employment initiatives of the
company. Aira offers two particular programs where subscribers to the
service may receive free minutes, not deducted from their monthly
subscription plans, when their tasks are employment related. The two
programs are:

1.	The Aira Employment (Job-Seeker) program: This program allows any
Explorer, undertaking efforts to find employment, to receive support from an
Aira agent free of charge and without implications for their subscription.
Below is a brief description of this program, taken from the language on
Aira's Employment page. The link to this page is:

www.aira.io/employment <http://www.aira.io/employment> 

Copying this language from the Aira Website, I do not know if the formatting
is modified, but it does read with JAWS, so I assume that it is readable.
Here's the language for easy access:


Free Aira For Job Search Related Tasks

Aira is offering free service for Explorers who are looking for new
employment. From application to interview, Aira will provide unlimited free
calls to agents for job-search related tasks. Examples of tasks that will be
covered include:

*     Creating and reviewing resumes

*     Filling out job applications

*     Traveling to and from job fairs

*     Selecting outfits for interviews

*     Getting oriented to the facility of a prospective employer

*     Accessing inaccessible content on job interviews

All Explorers Qualify

Any Aira Explorer who is seeking employment, regardless of whether they are
currently employed, is entitled to free Aira minutes for job-search
functions. These agent calls will not be deducted from your regular plan

Taking Advantage Of The Program Is Easy

*     There are no special steps required

*     When you're ready to start your job search, simply place a call to an
Aira agent and perform your first task

*     The agent will categorize the activity as being employment related

*     If it is not immediately obvious that the activity is related to a job
search (i.e. updating a resume), please let the agent know.


2.	The Aira Intuit Self-Employment Program: This program allows users
of Aira (guests or Explorers) to use Aira for free, in 30-minute increments,
for any task related to the management or administration of one's business.
This program seems particularly applicable to self-employed
Randolph-Sheppard managers, but is applicable to any owner of her/his own
business. For further details about this initiative, visit:

www.aira.io/intuit <http://www.aira.io/intuit> 


In closing, though not a program for individual Explorers or guests, Aira
provides general Aira Site access to employers, who have blind and
low-vision people among their number, so that the employer can provide Aira
products/services as a Reasonable Accommodation to these people. For more
information about the Aira Employer Network, visit:

www.aira.io/employment <http://www.aira.io/employment> 


I hope the foregoing proves helpful to you, if you are seeking employment;
managing your own business; or supporting a VR consumer to find integrated,
competitive employment. Should you have questions about Aira's employment
initiatives, please reach out to Aira at:

(800) 835-1934

Info at aira.io <mailto:Info at aira.io> 

www.aira.io <http://www.aira.io> 


Thank you.



With Kind Regards,



Daniel B. Frye 

Director-Public Sector Engagement 
and Strategy 



 <https://aira.io/> www.aira.io 

 <mailto:daniel.frye at aira.io%20> daniel.frye at aira.io 






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