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A BEP operator in one of the government buildings nearby is seeking employees to fill a few different roles. The job descriptions are below. I hope that each of you can share this opportunity with your
network of friends so they can get them filled quickly.   This
location will not re-open until the vacancies are filled.

inquire about the positions at jeffersonstcafe at gmail.com

Jefferson St. Cafe

Website: Jeffersonstcafe.com

Facebook: @jeffersonstcafe

Phone: (602) 542-7100

Grill Cook
Get trash cans ready for service.
Get sanitization buckets ready for service.
Prepare one bag of potatoes.
Cook 5 orders of sausage links.
Prep breakfast only items (onions, peppers, bacon, chorizo and sausage) Pull breads from rack. At least two of each to start.
Pull breads from freezer (2 packs hamburger buns, 1 pack hot dog buns,
2 packs of wheat)
Work orders in a timely manner. Cleaning as you go.
Keep grab ‘n go stocked with a few burritos until 9:30am.
Pull proteins from freezer to thaw (40 orders of chicken,  2 cases of hamburger patties) Cook proteins for service (12 orders of chicken, 12 orders of hamburger patties, 6 hot dogs and 6 polish) Prepare chicken and beef broth for steam table.
Check menu for more proteins necessary for service.
Pull breakfast items before lunch service. (Oatmeal, gravy, sausage, chorizo, pancake mix etc.) Check condiment/deli/garnish station before lunch service ensuring it is clean, stocked and organized.
Check that all necessary items are ready for lunch special.
Have 10 orders of each grill side prepped.
Work lunch orders in a timely manner. Cleaning as you go.
Ensure hand washing station is clean and organized.
End of Shift:
Brick flat top
Wrap, date all food.
Fill oil bottles for next day service.
Take all leftover lunch special items to Manager for inspection.
Take all leftover wrapped and dated sides to the back for storage.
Clean windows
Wipe down all surfaces.
Ensure all bread packages are sealed for storage.
Clean areas that are prone to grease, ensuring that build up does not happen.
End of Week:
Turn off grill at 1:30.
Pull grill racks to soak over the weekend.
Chang all foil on the grill.

Dishwasher Utility 1
Keep ice machines filled throughout the day.
Prepare Salads for refrigerator.
Maintain coffee and creamer station throughout the day ensuring that it is stocked, clean and organized.
Throw out the trash throughout the day.
Keep employee restrooms clean and stocked.
Wash pots, pans, and dishes throughout the day.
Keep all refrigerators, freezers, and walk-ins clean and organized.
Check fountain drink station throughout the day ensuring it is stocked, cleaned, and organized.
Sweep and mop floors behind house.
Removed all trash from seating area.
Ensure that carousel is stocked and clean.
Keep dishwashing station clean, stocked and organized.
Ensure hand wash stations are clean and stocked.
Adhere to all food safety rules and regulations.

Cashier 1 Job Description
Prepare sanitizer buckets for Front of House.
Make Iced Tea and Coffee.
Stock chip racks according to the guidelines.
Stock coffee and coffee supplies.
Fill condiment station.
Wrap Donuts and put in display case.
Clean popcorn machine.
Throw trash out.
Count drawer and place in register.
Open both roll up doors at 7:30am.
Put snack and candy racks near register.
Run register and ensure customers do not wait throughout the day.
Monday and Wednesday clean tables upstairs by 7:45am.
Stock beverage refrigerators ensuring they are clean and organized.
10:00am-10:30am Lunch Break.
Stock prepackaged pastries and snack items.
Monitor coffee and fountain station throughout the day ensuring they are clean and organized.
Ensure condiment station is clean and organized throughout the day.
End of day:

Remove all necessary items from the condiment station and place in the refrigerator.
Clean beverage cooler doors and shelves.
Remove soda fountain nozzles and place in sanitizer.
Throw all trash out.
Mop serving area.
Every Friday cleans the cappuccino machine.
Every Friday clean and organize your station.

Mark Feliz
NFBA. East Valley Chapter President
NFBA. Affiliate Board member
Cell: 480-560-0641

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