[Wpbc] My facebook group for blindness professionals and parents of blind children

adrijana prokopenko adrijana.prokopenko at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 11:16:08 UTC 2016

Feel free to read, join if this applies to you and spread.
I am a totally blind teacher of English from Macedonia and have been
working in a school for blind children for almost ten years. Even
though, my country is not so well-known when it comes to participating
in different long-term international projects, events, conferences,
trainings  and other such activities that would benefit the blind
especially blind children, the only way that most blind people and
their family and friends could gather such information is from the
internet. I realize that the connection gap between teachers and
others who work in the blindness field, as well as their parents and
university students who study in special education is greater than
ever no matter where they live, so I decided to start a Facebook group
that would allow members from all of these groups to connect to each
other, share information, support and encouragement that would further
help their students, future students and their children. I would
kindly ask you to distribute this message to anyone who you think
would be interested in joining the group and spread the information
out in your newsletter and anywhere else you can, so others could also
find out more about it. . The group can be looked up on facebook as:
University students, teachers and parents of visually impaired children
Or click the link below and open the join group button from there.
This is an international group and we would welcome members from
anywhere that think the group would be a benefit to them.

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