[Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] Watanabe exhibition

John Kennedy kennedy at utsc.utoronto.ca
Sat May 1 01:42:36 UTC 2010

RE A blind artist exhibiting in Germany.

ERIKO WATANABE'S art exhibition in Augsburg, Germany, is coming up. The
organizers have a small opening ceremony planned on May 6, and her
pictures will be displayed at Zeughaus in central Augsburg until the end
of June. She will have paintings and drawings, texts to go with the
pictures, some acryl paintings, and some decorations (such as origami
pieces) etc. etc. - a lot of work indeed for a small exhibition with only
5 showcases!

This is a rare opportunity to examine Watanabe's remarkable talents.
For further information see my paper in PERCEPTION on Watanabe, 2010.

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