[Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] Photographers help visually impaired kids “See”

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Tue Sep 28 14:48:52 UTC 2010

  Photographers help visually impaired kids “See”

  Thanks to the efforts of inspiring photographer John Chua, autistic as 
well as visually impaired kids are learning to “See.”

As we become more consumed by our very busy lives, we tend to forget 
about other people and what their lives must be like. The Touching Lives 
Through Photography workshops are a great reminder.

What are they exactly? A group of volunteer photographers come together 
to share their art and expertise to children with special needs. The 
organizers have worked with Parents for Visually-Impaired Children Inc, 
Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP), Down Syndrome Association of 
the Philippines and Persons with Disability and Company (PERDISCO).


What’s the best DSLR camera for someone visually impaired? 


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