[Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] New Touch Screens Allow Blind to Read Braille

Lisa Yayla Lisa.Yayla at statped.no
Wed Jul 13 11:24:12 UTC 2011

Interesting article from Forbes about touch screens using tixels or tactile pixels.
I think there is a small inaccuracy in the article and that is that the company Senseg seems to be
in Finland and not Sweden.
New Touch Screens Allow Blind to Read Braille
New display technology is allowing users to "feel" touch screens, giving the blind a way to interact with mobile devices.
Senseg's E-Sense technology, being developed in Sweden, recreates the sensation of different textures on touch screen devices. It uses "tixels," or "tactile pixels," to generate an electric field a few millimeters above the device's surface, enabling skin to feel finely tuned sensations replicating different textures.
The technology is similar to the concept of haptic feedback, which vibrates to confirm that a finger touch has been accepted, but has even farther-reaching implications.
Braille reading would be one immediate application for the technology. The blind and visually-impaired would be able to take advantage of the tactile-pixel technology, assisting them in reading messages on touch screen devices like smartphones. Down the road, the technology may even allow people to, for example, touch the face of a newborn baby or hold the hand of the long-lost friend.
Senseg said the technology may also create knobs, buttons and other tactile elements for the increasingly-popular mobile gaming market. Handset makers, currently struggle for placement of controls on the limited space of smartphones, may also find a use for tactile displays.


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