[Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] ATMR: analyze tactile map reading by visually impaired individuals

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Fri May 6 09:33:37 UTC 2011


Really interesting project at the University of Oregon

Analysis of Tactile Map Reading

project divided into 3 groups , Tablet, Visual and Signal.
On website video about project plus another related project sound and 

They use a Wacom tablet. Great idea.

Idea could also be used to tracking other pictures, illustrations etc.

Wonder if they considered the other way of tracking used with Braille - 
using a see through page
and filming from below.

Or also gives idea to use a Wacom to draw with for visually impaired.

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Wiki link

  Welcome to the ATMR Project Wiki

    Project Description:

Our group is working on a tool to help analyze tactile map reading by 
visually impaired individuals.

    3 Parts to the tool:

We have broken the project into 3 sub parts. Two of them are different 
ways to get user data. The third one will analyze the data and produce 

    * Analyze map reading using a video camera and finger tracking.
      Visual Team <https://www.assembla.com/spaces/atmrVisTeam>
    * Analyze map reading using a tablet and pen. Tablet Team
    * Processing the data and generating results. Signal Team

We will use the assembla wiki to writeup documents for:

    * Research of a tool, software - provide links
    * Testing of tool, software and thoughts about it
    * Project related documentation




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