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Fri Dec 28 10:00:26 UTC 2012

A book for the blind

A Tunisian university professor is seeking funds to publish the Arab 
world's first book for blind children.

Professor Raouf Alkarray said that despite the more than five million 
blind children in the Arab region there was no Arabic book to help them 
read and visualise.

"I have two manuscripts, but I lack funds for publishing them," said the 
professor of graphic art and illustration at the University of Sfax in 
Tunisia, speaking at the ten-day Sharjah International Book Fair which 
ends today.

Alkarray said he is developing books that contain illustrations that can 
be touched and felt, accompanied by Braille and Arabic scripts. "It 
costs dearly to produce. That is why I am trying to canvass support from 
the Arab governments and establishments," said the 60-year-old lecturer.

Blind artists display work in Fullerton

Anthony Sanaee's eyes are dark and expressive, like the mesmerizing eyes 
he creates with a charcoal pencil.

At his desk pushed against the window in his Laguna Hills bedroom, 
Sanaee hunches inches over a sheet of paper as he draws a pupil and long 



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