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Hi Phila,

You might want to check out Prof. John Kennedy's, University of Toronto, book Drawing and the Blind. Mighty stuff. 
Anyway a near quote from him "Blind children go through all the stages of drawing as a sighted child  - if they are given the chance". 

His book is available free to down load from the Univ of Toronto plus many other papers. 
Sending this to the other lists.

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Emne: tadpole drawings

For a new project I am very interested to find out if you know of research or resources giving an insight in the drawing development of young blind children and if, like their sighted peers, they go through a period in which they draw so-called "tadpole drawings", basically a circle as the head and body in one, and then sticks as arms and legs?
kind regards,

Sonokids Australia
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for children who are blind or have low vision

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