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Blind artist Bruce Horak draws his audience in

'The Blind' at the Lincoln Center Festival: Opera alters perception
You take the elevator ten flights up to the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse. 
You are instructed to cover your eyes with a blindfold and stretch out 
your arms to be guided to your seat.

The vulnerability sets in immediately as the sound of rushing wind, the 
feeling of chilled air and floral scents waft around you, disconnecting 
you from any sense of the theater or the outside world.

Lera Auerbach’s opera "The Blind" at the Lincoln Center Festival strips 
the art form of its conventions — to evocative, thought-provoking effect.

Blind Quilter Exhibits At Library

Blind photography: Promoting a non-retinal art culture

Rahul Gorad, 21, touches the old-styled wooden door and a chair next to 
it in the right corner of a room. He takes five steps back and feels the 
warmth of the sun rays filtering through the glass window. Then he takes 
out his camera, and confidently aims at his subject, presses the trigger 
and captures the image. Nothing unusual about this? What is 
extraordinary is that Gorad is a blind photographer.

For many, it is surprising and intriguing to see a blind man flawlessly 
handle a camera and capture a beautiful image, trashing perceptions that 
only those with sight can be part of the world of photography.

Unknown to many, Gorad is among the growing number of visually impaired 
in India who are fascinated by a camera and the magic it can create and 

The concept of blind photography is known worldwide, but in India it was 
introduced by Mumbai-based Partho Bhowmick, who, under his 'Blind With 
Camera' project, has so far trained 500 blind people.



Best of Show winner overcomes blindness through art

Internationally Known Blind Artist Speaks at VT Carilion School of 
Medicine -
John Bramblitt, an accomplished painter who lost his vision as a young 
man, visited the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine this week to 
share his inspirational story about how art not only helped him cope, 
but also enabled him to discover a whole new way of living.

Breaking Down Barriers: Two art educators aim to dispel the notion that 
the blind can't create visual arts

Art educators Kirsten Ervin and Tirzah DeCaria are a presence in the 
local disability community, known for their longtime dedication to 
creating high quality art-making opportunities for people with 
intellectual and developmental disabilities, most notably through the 
Everyone an Artist studio and art market in Lawrenceville.

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