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/Since 1999, 63-year-old Celia Hughes has served as executive director 
of VSA Texas <http://www.vsatx.org/>, a statewide program dedicated to 
making the arts accessible to people with disabilities. She is also a 
cofounder of the Audio Description Coalition 
<http://www.audiodescriptioncoalition.org/> and trains people in the art 
of audio description---descriptions of action, characters, costumes, 
scenery and other visual information inserted into natural pauses in the 
dialogue or narration of film, theater, opera and jazz concerts for the 
benefit of blind attendees.


Audio Description Coalition


/Blind woman excels at art, thanks to Frankley group


Normally, the gravitational pull of the Power Station attracts visitors 
to ride the museum's stretch escalator to its higher floors. Upstairs at 
the biennale is a bank of telephones that each play a bit of music plus 
scores of works like a comment on the once-great city Detroit and 
sculptures by blind artists.

Pirate3D's 3-D printed photos help the blind see

Can a Blind Director of Photography Shoot a Film?

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