[Art_beyond_sight_theory_and_research] London Underground adapts map for the colour-blind

fnugg at online.no fnugg at online.no
Wed Jul 23 06:16:11 UTC 2014

London Underground adapts map for the colour-blind

Taking the famous London Underground will now be easier for people with 
visual impairments. All thanks to Colourblind Tube Map, an accessible 
map of the historic underground. It has been redesigned, by request of 
the British transport service, in the form of a convenient app available 
on smartphones to ensure perfect readability – and mobility – including 
for the visually impaired. The changes have been targeted – for example 
there are no more coloured lines on the traditional white background, 
which caused confusion due to the lack of contrasting colours and small 
fonts. The app uses studied combinations of colours (white on black, 
black on white, yellow on black, yellow on blue), which are ideal for 
people suffering from colour-blindness, cataracts, acute myopia or Irlen 
Syndrome. Most important of all, the zoom function allows users to 
enlarge the sections they need to consult. The app offers a wider 
variety of fonts, which are changeable and clearer, as well as 
accessible buttons and ‘easy to read’ iconography.

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