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TV program
July 2 Preview 
On the next Broad and High, we'll visit the artist Dennis DeVendra, a 
blind woodturner. We'll also look at the Be Brave Choir, an artist 
profile of Ann Woods, an extended segment from Columbus Neighborhoods, 
and more!
Watch Wednesday, July 2 at 7:30 pm on WOSU TV.

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  Youngster gets unique perspective on LEGO exhibit

On any normal Saturday, the Pensacola Museum of Art opens at 10 a.m. and 
visitors are strictly forbidden from touching the artwork.
This Saturday, however, was no normal Saturday. This Saturday was special.
Special for the museum, special for a Tallahassee family, and very 
special for one young boy.
Corbin Thornbury is a 10 year old blond boy with a 10,000-watt smile and 
a love for LEGOs, the popular building block toy. He was born blind and 
experiences the physical world through touch.
When he touches something, his fingers scour the object for every 
discernible feature. You can watch on his face as he gains an 
understanding of the object's exact design.
He can take a reporter's voice recorder, pop the back off, and instantly 
know what type of battery it uses.

How the colour-blind see art with different eyes
In its latest exhibition, the National Gallery examines how generations 
of painters have created and used colour. But how do people who are 
"colour-blind" view art?
Visitors to the Making Colour 
exhibition, which opened in London this week, can feast their eyes on 
the rich tones of lapis lazuli, vermilion and verdigris.
In the National Gallery's colour-themed show, the paintings include a 
blue room containing Claude Monet's Lavacourt under Snow (1878-81) and - 
in the red room - Edgar Degas's Combing the Hair (La Coiffure) from 1896.
But to anyone who has a colour vision deficiency, commonly known as 
colour blindness, the bold reds that dominate the Degas work may look 
very different.

Jersey colour blind artist has first exhibition
A colour blind artist from Jersey has opened his first exhibition as 
part of the 175th anniversary celebrations of a St Helier department store.
Jason Gautier has been painting since he was a child but has had to 
adapt and "be creative" with colour.
He said: "I have a strong mixture between red and green. For some pinks 
I can only see grey or if it is too faint I can't see it.
"It isn't a hindrance, it just means I have to be a little bit more 
creative and sometimes you have to go back over work."

Partially blind Gilbert resident earns accolades for talents in visual arts

One of the funniest quirks Gilbert resident Marieke Davis possesses is 
her interest in the arts. It's not because of her artistic talent --- a 
recent win in a national poster contest proves she has skill --- but 
from the way she expresses herself artistically.

What makes it strange is how the artistic fields she specializes in --- 
writing and painting --- require the use of something she lacks: her sight.

Artist exhibits portrait of late motor racing star in St Albans gallery
A colour- blind artist is to exhibit his portrait of the late motor 
racing star Ayrton Senna at a St Albans gallery after attracting the 
attention of the driver's niece, Bianca


Blind, deaf artist perseveres


Photo gallery: Veterans' charity helps blind artist to paint again
Blind veteran: 'I'm not going to stop painting until all the lights go out'
For artist Derek McLean O'Rourke the world has shrunk to the size of a 

Registered blind, he is only able to look out through one tiny window of 
vision left in his eye.

And while he can count each spot on a ladybird's shell, or capture the 
reflection of summer in a raindrop, he cannot see a horizon. He cannot 
see a smile.

Students create mural for deaf, blind classmate

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