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FYI Lisa

Blind Creations Conference


An International Colloquium on Blindness and the Arts

Sunday June 28th
Registration Opens: 11am (Management Building Foyer)

11:00-1pm      Art Making Workshop with David Johnson
(places for this event are limited; more information to be made available
soon; please book via the online store)

12:30-1:30      Lunch (Management Building Foyer)

1:30-3:00        Welcome
Plenary: Georgina Kleege: 'Blind Self-Portraits' (Management Auditorium;
Generously sponsored by the University of Manitoba’s Interdisciplinary MA
Program in Disability Studies)

3:00-3:30        Tea (Management Building Foyer)

3:30-5:30        Session 1 (Management Building; Rooms TBA)

1a. Music

    Flavio de Oliveira,‘Born to play: Os Titulares do Ritmo: the story of
a Brazilian vocal group’
    Sebastien Durand, ‘How did music change the course of history for the
    Bruno Liesen, ‘Cecile Douard (1866-1941): Impressions d'une seconde vie’
    Yeaji Kim, ‘Tactile Stave Music’

 1b. Multimodal Reading

    Matthew Rubery, ‘Talking Books and Censorship’
    Rachel Hutchinson, ‘"Books are asked for by the loudest shouter": the
challenges of reading creatively with a limited library’
    Sejal Sutari, ‘What’s in a Name?: The Dangers and Delights of
Multimodal Reading’

1c. Creative Possibilities

    Marcia Moraes, ‘Research WITH: for a world more dense with narratives
and sensorialities’
    Laura Pozzana, ‘Corporal workshop to awaken presences at the museum’
    Virginia Kastrup, ‘Art and Blindness: Three Lives Reinvented’
    Camila Araujo Alves, ‘What if we tried more?: A proposal for the field
of accessibility in cultural spaces’

5:30-6:30        Artists' Talks and Exhibition Opening Reception
(Management Building Auditorium)

6:30-8:00        Dinner and Cash Bar (Crosslands, Founder’s Building);
Cash Bar
                        Presentation by Michael Mellor

8:00-9:30        Audio-Described Film Screening and Panel Discussion
featuring Ruth Grimberg’s 2014 documentary Across Still Water (Management

9:30-11pm      Cash Bar (Crosslands; Founder’s Building)

Monday June 29th

8:00-9:00        Breakfast for Residential Delegates (Management Building

9:00-10:30      Session 2 (Management Building; rooms TBA)

2a. Literature (Anglo)

    Adam Pottle, ‘Blindness and Limited Narrative Omniscience in Timothy
Findley’s Not Wanted on the Voyage’
    Brian Miller, ‘Prairie Tales: Mary Ingalls and the Invention of a 19th
Century Super Crip’
    Hemachandran Karah, ‘Blindness writing: an examination of triple
narrative positions in Ved Mehta’s The Continent of Blind Culture’

2b. Representing Blindness

    Amelia Cavallo, ‘Cripping Acting: Troubling the visual in performance’
    Jenna Ashton, ‘Photography, Blindness and Beauty: Sophie Calle’s Les

2c. Early Modern

    Jenni Kuuliala, ‘The Sacred Lack of Vision: Blindness of Saints and
their Clients in the Later Middle Ages’
    Francesco Lucioli, ‘Who Brings (to) Light? Il Cieco da Forlì (The
Blind from Forlì) and the Authorship in Sixteenth-Century Italy’
    Anne-Lise Mithout, ‘Blind musicians and the making of epic poetry in
Medieval Japan’

10:30-11:00    Tea (Management Foyer)

11:00-12:30    Session 3 (Management Building; rooms TBA)

3a. Institutions

    Nancy Hansen, ‘Art in Everyday Objects: Resistance in the Making’
    Hazel McFarlane, ‘Blind Asylums: Places of Creative Resistance’
    Iain Hutchison, ‘Creativity versus Respectability: A contest between
blind aspirations and the values of philanthropic interventionists in
Victorian and Edwardian Scotland’

3b. Film and Visual Depiction

    Alexandra Tacke, ‘“The Blind guiding the Seeing”: the ‘blind spots’ of
film history’
    Monika Baar, ‘Depictions of guide dogs and their owners in literature,
visual art and film’
    Steven Riep, ‘Intersections: Objectification, Visual Impairments and
Gender in Contemporary Cinema from China and Hong Kong’

3c. Literature (Hispanic)

    Max Andrade Uberlake, ‘Against Seeing: Jorge Luis Borges’ Literary
    Olivia Vazquez-Medina, ‘Blindness in Lina Meruane’s Sangre en el
ojo/Blood in the Eye: embodied experience, metaphor, and (fictional)
    Aravinda Bhat , ‘Borges’s Aesthetic of Blindness: The Dialectic of the
Ideal and the Experiential’

12:30-1:15 Lunch (Management Foyer)

1:15-2:15 Theatre Event (Management Auditorium): Accessibility and Theatre
(Conversation and Demonstration)

2:30-4:00 Session 4 (Management Building; Rooms TBA)

4a. The Blind Pen

    Laura Carnelos, ‘Italian Blind Authors and the perception of their
disability in the Early Modern Age’
    Jane Everson, ‘Memory and the Mind’s Eye: Ecphrasis in Il Mambriano of
Francesco Cieco da Ferrara’
    Juan Gomis, ‘Songs, prayers and business: blind people in Spain
(15th-18th centuries)’

4b. Tactile Education

    Norman Ball, ‘The innovations of Frank H. Hall’
    Noll, Fannes, and Verstraete, ‘Viktor Löwenfeld and Tactility’
    Amanda Tink, ‘What's Art Got to do with it: Blindness and Creativity,
At School and After’

4c. Asian Perspectives

    Kozue Handa, ‘Shape of Content: Exploring Japanese Traditional Design
through Touch’
    Hiromi Kishi, ‘A History of “Blindness and the Arts” in Japan:
Memories and the Power of Touch’

4:00     Tea (Management Foyer)

4:30-6:00 Session 5 (Management Building; Rooms TBA)

5a. Across Media

    Emma Gilles and Janet van der Linden, ‘Exploring the role of eTextiles
designed by blind and visual impaired users within cultural spaces’
    Amanda Cachia, ‘On ‘Marking Blind’ online exhibition’
    Jesse Workman, ‘I See What You Mean: an inquiry concerning metaphor
and perspective’

5b. Audio Description

    Louise Fryer, ‘An ecological approach to audio description’
    Polly Goodwin, ‘The limits and possibilities of audio describing
silent film’
    Yayoi Mashimo, ‘Near Poetry, Beyond Explanation: Toward Verbal
Descriptions with Inspiration’

5c. European Texts

    Pieter Verstraete, ‘The representation of blindness in Maeterlinck’s
theatre play De blinden and Johan van der Keuken’s documentary Herman
Slobbe: Blind kind II’
    Sabine Gadrat-Cellou, ‘L'émergence d'un nouveau type de personnage(s)
aveugle(s) dans la fiction’
    Bérengère Levet, ‘Blindness or Feminity, that is the question: the
young blind girl in The Two Orphans, a popular novel by Adophe
d'Ennery (1887-1889)’

 6:00-8:00        Gala Dinner / Cash Bar (Crosslands; Founder’s Building)

8:00-9:30    Creative Writers' Roundtable featuring Ryan Knighton, Naomi
Foyle, Frédéric Greiller and Romain Villet (Management Building

9:30-11pm      Cash Bar (Crosslands; Founder’s Building)

Tuesday June 30th

8:00-9:00        Breakfast for Residential Delegates (Management Foyer)

9:00                 Plenary: Zina Weygand, 'Jacques Lusseyran: The Blind
Hero of the French Resistance' (Management Building Auditorium)

10:30-11:00    Tea (Management Foyer)

11:00              Session 6 (Management Building; Rooms TBA)

6a. Key Figures [NB this session will now take place on Monday: more
details coming soon...]

    Bruno Ronfard, ‘An Enlightened Journey: Taha Husayn’
    Catherine Kudlick, ‘Letter on Diderot for the Benefit of Blind People’
    Selina Mills, ‘The life and times of the composer, musician,
performer, teacher, Maria-Theresia Von Paradis’

6b. Touching Art

    Simon Hayhoe, ‘An enquiry into passive inclusion and unreachable
artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York’
    Raquel Guerriro, ‘Aesthetic Accessibility and Tactile Images of Works
of Art’
    Ritta Lahtinen and Russ Palmer, ‘Art Experiences Using Haptices on the

6c. Medieval/Enlightenment Perspectives

    Irina Metzler, ‘Mis-leadings: Guide Dogs and the Blind in Medieval
    Emma Winter, ‘Reviewing European History in the Age of Enlightenment
and Revolution’
    Herve Baudry, ‘Barocco Blindness : music, poetry and philosophy in
early-modern France’

12:30-1:30      Lunch (Management Foyer)

1:30-3:00        Session 7 (Management Building; Rooms TBA)

7a. Museums

    Paul Sullivan, ‘Inclusive descriptions of art works at Bristol City
Museum and Art Gallery’
    Sasa Poljac Istenic, ‘Including and Empowering the Blind: The Case of
Slovenian Museums and Art Galleries’
    Rebecca McGinnis, ‘Seeing through Art: Blind visitors and the Museum

7b. Book Design

    Dannyell Valente, ‘Multi-sensory books created for and by blind children’
    Brandon Christopher, ‘The Tactile Comic: A Reading of Philipp Meyer’s
    Bruno Brites, ‘Colours of Touch: A Graphic Design Experience for Blind

7c. Theory/Philosophy

    Joyce Leysen, ‘Staring into the open: Towards a cosmopolitical
understanding of blindness, art and society’
    Piet Devos, ‘Against the Pollution of the Eye: Jacques Lusseyran's
Phenomenology of Pure Inner Vision’
    Maria Romeiras, ‘Visual literacy and the history of the self: an option?’

3:00-3:30      Tea (Picture Gallery; Founder’s Building)


Described Gallery Tour of the Royal Holloway Picture Gallery (Founder’s
Touch tour of Royal Holloway’s Erinna sculpture
Closing Reception

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