[blindkid] Braille Music question

vickie.pellicciotti at aglife.com vickie.pellicciotti at aglife.com
Mon Apr 6 15:57:38 UTC 2009

My daughter is going into 9th grade and has been a percussion student in
band since 6th grade.  She is resisting learning braille music.  I think it
is the only way she will really progress in the music world.   I don't see
how she can keep up with the song that is being played without having
something written in front of her even if she can/does memorize her part.
I have no experience with music whatsoever and cannot judge.   She wants to
progress/improve her parts in the music and I think this is the way to go
and otherwise will find this as an obtstacle in the future to her getting
ahead on this.
Any comment from other parents on this?  I have also posted same question
on the music talk deal.

Vickie L. Pellicciotti
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