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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Tue Apr 7 03:23:50 UTC 2009

WE used to play baseball with an oversized ball with a bell in it -- of 
course, all of us were blind. I doubt this would satisfy your son's 
baseball craving, however.

Some may criticize me for saying this but your son may have to learn 
that some things in life come to an end. And even though he may not play 
baseball anymore, he certainly can follow it on radio and television. I 
relize that's not the same but one might as well make lemonade out of 

And there's always T-ball but I suspect that wouldn't grab him either.

Mike Freeman, President
NFB of Washington

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My son has been playing baseball for 4 years. This is the beginning of 
his 5th season. He is very athletic and has done exceptionally well up 
until this year.

Due to Stargardts, his vision is now 20/200. This is the first year 
where he's now having trouble hitting the ball. He can catch and he has 
a great arm, but he is now swinging too late and continually missing the 

He wants to continue playing and doesn't want to quit. But, Josh is also 
frustrated and angry. Tonight is the first time he's ever said he wished 
he didn't have an eye disease. He says he wishes god would have given it 
to another kid who doesn't love sports like he does.

I realize there are other sports that Josh can continue to participate 
in forever. Wrestling is one sport he began last year and he loves it. 
But he also loves baseball.

My question for the group is: Are there any adaptations others have 
tried that have allowed their children to continue to play baseball?


Mindy Lipsey
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