[blindkid] Dreams really do come true!

Brandy with Discovery Toys branlw at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 17 23:42:09 UTC 2009

Hi, Congratulations to both of you. I remember my first trip alone. I went 
to Washington with other highschoolers from all over the US. I stayed in a 
hotel room with people I had never met. I rode busses and subways. I 
remember calling my mom and she said "Tell me you had fun, and that you are 
all right. Don't tell me all the scary things you are doing." As badly as my 
mom wanted me to be independent and taught me to be she always had a little 
fear, but her dreams came true. To this day she asks questions like you are 
really responsible for 19 second graders but she doesn't want to know the to 
her scary things I do. I'll finally graduate this May with my degree in 
education. Not only is it important to set your dreams for your children 
high, but it is equally important to teach your children to dream.

Have wonderful trips!


"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. 
Some take us forward, they're called dreams."
Jeremy Irons

Brandy Wojcik
Discovery Toys Group Manager and Educational Consultant

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> Congrats, Kim! It's wonderful when you can give them wings and let them 
> soar!
> We leave next week for a 2 day band competition trip. My husband and I are 
> chaparoning, but don't believe either of us will have either of our kids 
> in our group. Oh well! My daughter learned last year that just because I 
> go does not mean I am "hers" for the trip. We were in the same group, but 
> she hung with her friends, I just followed them around all over the parks.
> Debby
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> Good morning all,
> I would like to share with you all about what can happen if you chase your 
> dreams. When my daughter was little, around 3 yrs. old, we took her to 
> Disneyworld in Florida. I was young with the knowledge of how to parent 
> her. My life was more consumed with fear of the unknown. How would she do 
> this, what will happen if she does that, and on and on. While at Disney, I 
> saw a group of high school aged kids running off to get on a 
> rollercoaster. Amid this group of kids, I saw a young lady with a cane, 
> just as eager and joyful as her classmates. No one was holding her hand. 
> No adult was supervising her. She was just being a typical teenager with a 
> cane. It was a "light bulb moment" for me. I couldn't contain my smile. It 
> was right then and there that I decided what I wanted for my daughter. If 
> this young lady can do it, so can my sweet child. This unknown young lady 
> will never know the impact she made on our lives. Once my goal was set 
> firmly in mind, I had a
> sense of direction of where to go from there. One moment with such a 
> powerful impact.
> As I write this morning, I'm happy to say that we have come full circle. 
> My 17 yr. old daughter has traveled to Disney with her school choir. They 
> will be spending the next 4 days traveling the same path as our unknown 
> friend we saw when she was young. My dream came true! None of our 
> successes came easily. It was hard work, but our payoff has been great. I 
> usually volunteer and chaparone during school functions (I am a 
> stay-at-home mom), but my daughter informed me that she DID NOT want me to 
> chaparone this trip. She wanted to hang with her friends and felt 
> confident in her training. I did it - I really did it!
> I wish all the parents of young blind children the same life experience. 
> Set you goals high and don't let anyone stand in your way. If your goals 
> are to feel sorry for your child or to believe your child "can't" or 
> "won't", then there will be no expectations to fulfill.
> Regards,
> One Happy Mom - Kim Cunningham
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