[blindkid] Louis Braille Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin Question

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The proof coins are struck at least twice by the dies used and will have a
more highly polished mirror finish.  Coins meant for circulation will only
be struck once. An uncirculated coin is one that was produced in the manner
as if for circulation but has not been bagged and sent out to banks.
Typically proof coins will be a higher price than uncirculated coins which
will be higher price than those with defects from circulation and handling.
The actual price a collector will get will be based on the grade of each of
these as well.

I hope that this makes sense.  :)

A former coin collector.


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Hi Everyone,

I went to the US Mint site to order a Louis Braille Commemorative Silver 
Dollar Coin, but there are several options at different prices 

Can someone clarify what the difference is between a Louis Braille 
Bicentennial Proof Silver Dollar (BR1) &  Louis Braille Bicentennial 
Uncirculated Silver Dollar (BR2)?


Eric V

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