[blindkid] Winona, Bus

Andrea Beasley abeasley at jb11.net
Wed Apr 29 18:52:26 UTC 2009

I have never written but this is just crazy. Carol is absolutely right. We as blind people (I am a blind parent of a blind child) have the right to refuse any and all accommodations that we feel we don't need.This is a point that I tried desperately to get across to the college kids in our student division. I have refused many accommodations in my time and would do so again. It is sometimes a tough battle and hard fought but we, as parents, know how to fight for our kids. If you can tell the IEP is not going your way you can always tell the team that you want to stop this IEP session and reconvene when you have back up. You are allowed an advocate or two. So if you get stuck and it seems like you can't win, stop, and get reinforcements. Just my thoughts.
Andrea Beasley

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