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Great question.  My 8 year old daughter (Anna) STILL has difficulty
orienting her face to people and (though people who know her may find it
hard to believe) is still shy when meeting new people.

Here are our tools:

* Model proper introduction etiquette: "Hi, my name is Carlton.  What's your
name?" (answer) (turning toward Anna): "This is my daughter, Anna.  Anna,
this is Mrs. X." (Anna says hello to Mrs. X, hopefully without further

* Remind Anna to orient her face toward the other person by pointing her
nose toward the person's face.  Now, she does use her residual vision to
does this.  However, a similar effect can be achieved via audio location.
Shaking the hand of the individual also provides information about the
individual's location relative to the child.

* In the past, and still a little bit, I'll tell kids that Ana can't see
them from a distance and that it really helps her know who it is if they
say, "Hi, Anna.  It's Ashley!"   This came about because Anna frequently
ignored children who called out a greeting or just waved.

* Anna has now started doing her own self-advocacy in this area by saying to
her friends, "Hi, who are you?"  It may a little strange, but the other
children respond very well to it.

Just a few thoughts.  Good luck, you'll do great!

Take care,


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