[blindkid] Attention Parents of Blind and Visually Impaired High School and College Students

Jess jessica.trask.reagan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 22:24:38 UTC 2009

Hi Parents,
Here is an opportunity if your Blind or Visually Impaired high school or 
college students want to get involved in the formation of a chapter of the 
National Association of Blind Students. So please spread the news widely. 
This will be the formation of a NABS chapter in New York State. New York 
State did yes at one time have an active NABS chapter a long time ago. The 
information is below my signature.

Hi all, currently, the NFB of New York State does not have an active
student division and some of us are working to get it going again.

If you will be attending or are already attending college (graduate
and undergraduate level) or a job preparatory program in New York
State, and want to see the division active; we would love your input
and participation.

You may contact me at (917) 532-7439, or shoot me an email at
AlexanderA.Castillo at gmail.com

Feel free to pass on this information to anyone you feel would be 



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