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When my son was younger he too was frustrated with the cane tip getting caught in the sidewalk cracks so for a few years he used an NFB cane with a nylon tip. Once he was more skilled with cane travel he switched back to the NFB cane with metal tip.
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Hi Holly,

There are a few places around where you may be able to try out the 
different CCTVs.  There a low vision center in the shore area and the 
Commission has a center at the JKRC in New Brunswick.  Also check the 
College of NJ and there may be one in Phillie, if that's closer to you.


  11:16 AM 8/28/2009, you wrote:
>Two questions.
>Hank (age 9, Albinism) has an NFB type 2 cane with the flat metal disk tip.
>Will that type of cane accept a Bulldog (or other brand) rolling ball tip?
>He gets very frustrated when the tip gets caught in small cracks and he
>doesn't like using the sweep technique because of the noise on hard
>I know there are a lot of good reasons to have a metal tip but right now,
>the frustration level is making him not want to use it.  His solution is to
>walk with the tip a few inches off the ground which doesn't do him any good.
>He has enough travel vision that he can see walls, doorways, large obstacles
>so the accoustic aspect isn't as crucial for him.  In his situation it's
>more about depth perception and not being able to see drop offs so I think
>the rolling tip will get the job done.  Assuming he'll keep it on the ground
>of course!
>Any other suggestions would be welcomed!
>Question #2
>Does anyone have experience with the Acrobat CCTV?
>Does anyone know of a comparable product by a different manufacturer?
>Still trying to work things out with the school.  Hank's low vision
>specialist recommended the Acrobat.
>The school has said they are looking at other machines that do the same
>thing (but couldn't recall the brand name)
>Just trying to do some legwork while waiting for them to get back to me with
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