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Calendar systems are very useful for students who are deafblind or who
have multiple disabilities.   It needs to be designed specifically for
the student.   It can be as simple as one box with a concrete item in it
that can be moved to a 'finished' box when the activity is over or as
complex as an monthly calendar that uses braille or tactile symbols.
Your TVI needs to work in conjunction with Jonathon's classroom teacher
to decide what system is a good fit for him.


It doesn't have to be big or elaborate.   It could be a simple basket or
a row of those small, square plastic baskets you can get at the dollar
store.   You can build one too out of wood or buy one.   I am using the
small baskets lined up on top of a short bookcase for my deafblind
student and it is working well.   The size of your calendar system
really depends on what information you want to convey.


A good start is a one box system or even a 4 or 5 box system that
represents the time of the day.   For instance there are 4 boxes, one
for each time period.   In the first box, there is something that
suggests the morning activity.   The object should be a concrete item,
for instance, if the morning activity is circle time, it could be a
piece of rug, showing him that he will be sitting on the floor.   The
next box would be what happens after circle time, maybe in this
classroom it is seat work and the object could be slate and stylus or a
marker, something he uses at his seat.   The third box could be lunch
and it could hold a spoon.   The final box might be music or gym and in
that box could be a small musical instrument or a ball.   


With a calendar system, depending on where the student is functioning,
especially with Blind students, it is recommended to start with a
concrete objects before moving to abstract tactile symbols or braille.
I like to include the braille for the object on the outside of the box
though, to start introducing the student to braille.   


Here is an article from TSBVI about the benefits of Calendar Systems



Calendar systems are very useful for students who are deafblind or who
have multiple disabilities.   



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