[blindkid] parents need to learn braille too

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We have run into this often, especially in math! My knowing Braille, and having Winona go over a paper with me when she does poorly usually results in the proper grade. Often the aides don't know Braille very well, or they are rushing. Often we discover the problem happened in the Brailling. Sometimes when they adapt things they neglect to adapt the answer key.  Winona recently received an F on a test. In looking it over we discovered the questions didn't even match the choices Winona had. We're meeting to discuss that and show the classroom teacher next week.

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Just a personal experience on why parents need to learn braille...

Today I was looking over my daughter's school papers and found one with
grade of 75. I was surprised, because most of her work is at the 95 to 100
level. ( yes, we are proud of her.)
The teacher had counted off for spelling.
The first circled word was Minnesota. Ahbee wrote it correctly in braille,
but the transcriptionist incorrectly left out one N when interlining
it--writing it for the teacher to read.
Another place, Ahbee had correctly capitalized the word Lake, but the
interlining did not show the capital.

Anyway, I was able to catch these because I can read braille for myself.
Ahbee deserved a 95--she did misspell "uper" instead of upper.
The teacher will give her credit for it--I'm so glad I could read it.

Joy Orton
mom of Ahbee, Grade 2
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