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Youth Slam
Slam News Audio

Slammin' in the Streets

What's happening at NFB Youth Slam? What's on the minds of the mentors and students here at the University of Maryland? What do people really think about blindness and what is possible? Follow our slam news crew as they hit the streets to find out.

Do you know any blind scientists, technologists, engineers, or mathematicians?

How has being at Youth Slam changed you?

What did they not let you do in science because of your blindness?

Slam People

The NFB Youth Slam attracts many dynamic, successful, and inspiring blind people. below you will find interviews conducted by our very own Slam News students, some of whom are reporting for the very first time.

Serena Olsen, World Traveler

Chris Downey, Architect

Mike May, Way Fun Coordinator

Mike May on regaining his sight

Dr. Marc Maurer, president, National Federation of the Blind, on being president

Marc Maurer, president, National Federation of the Blind, on kissing

Slammin' around Campus

In addition to our projects, many other exciting events take place at the NFB Youth Slam. From our sports and games night to our Youth Slam talent show, the Slam News team has the inside scoop on what's happening all over campus and beyond.

Listen to the NFB Youth Slam talent show.

Blindness in the News

Every week the National federation of the Blind reaches out to influence public policy about blindness. During the week of NFB Youth Slam, students participated in a press conference and met national political figures. Below is a sampling of their experiences.

NFB of Maryland Files Complaint Against Baltimore City Schools

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