[blindkid] ITBS and COGAT testing in Braille

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Your TVI needs to call to order the ITBS test in Braille, not the school.  In all the years I've given the test to students when I was a TVI in Iowa, it has always been in Braille.  It actually comes out ot the University of Iowa (I'm pretty sure) - I don't have the number with me but if you want to email me directly, owinm at yahoo.com I will look it up and send it to you.  We give the ITBS here in Virginia and we always get it in Braille.  At the IEP meetings I attended today - nothing was said about NOT getting them in Braille.  
Another note - The ITBS is great for blind children.  In Iowa, we (the TVIs) would send them in to be graded and compaired to other blind children.  Each state has their own system so your TVI should check if your state can do that.  I guess Virginia isn't as lucky as Iowa in that regard.
Merry-Noel Chamberlain

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Maybe call the companies that produce the tests yourself to find out 
if they have been done--or could be done--in braille?

At 10:49 AM 9/16/2009, you wrote:
>My daughter's TVI just called to tell me that neither the ITBS nor the
>COGAT test will be available in Braille for my daughter this year. She
>is in 1st grade and these tests will be administered to all the other
>students.  Has anyone else run into this in the past, and how did you
>handle it?  From what I've heard, the state (Georgia) will waive the
>tests but our county will not. We don't want the tests waived anyway
>since we believe it sets a very bad precedent for our daughter.  In
>addition, we want her to be tested for the school's gifted program and
>one of the things they consider are scores from standardized tests. Our
>TVI is following up on this but I wanted to see what I might be able to
>find out as well.
>Thank you for any advice or suggestions.
>Stephanie Kiesak-Holloway
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