[blindkid] Referring to name versus saying I want was greetings

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 19:52:09 UTC 2010

Hi listers: Is the behavior of when being a toddler referring to oneself by 
name instead of saying I want so and so? I ask because during my Psychology 
major in Special Education class we talked about this pattern of behavior 
being present in children with other disabilities but in blind children 
didn't have idea of this happening until Sue Harper talked about this 
behavior in the below mesage. also I just asked my mother if when I was a 
toddler I did the same pattern and she doesn't remember. Is it only me that 
when I hear of blind children's difficulties I wonder if ai also had them? 
It sounds weird but I'm not crazy; I feel that the more I know of how blind 
children develop the more I'll get to know myself.
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Welcome to the list.  Your English is better than many people who speak the
language.  I think we would have a lot to gain from hearing from your
mother's experience in bringing you up.  She must be one great lady to raise
a child to a man who can speak fluently in two languages.  We will look
forward to your contributions!

My son is three and one of twins.  He is totally blind from detached retinas
from retinopathy of prematurity (25 weeks). He just navigated a walk on our
street today using his cane with verbal prompts from me and following my
voice.  A new first.  This week he also has started to ask for things he
wants, but still refers to himself by name, rather than saying "Can I go
outside"; He says, "Vinnie go outside?"  But last week we were playing
twenty questions, so this is an incredible improvement.  He has always had
perfect language skills and diction, but getting the back and forth
conversations going has been tough.  He will have a whole conversation by
himself while playing with toys and the conversation will mirror something
that happened earlier.  So I model both sides of the conversation and then
tell him what to say back when he is asked a question.  We are a large
family with 5 children still in the home from ages 3 to 19, so he hears lots
of give and take conversations, as well as argumentative ones too.  My
strategy is finally paying off.  I am open to other suggestions.

Sue H.

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 12:15 PM, Gerardo Corripio <gera1027 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi listers: I'm Gerardo from Mexico and hope I'm welcome on here because
> though blind from Retinopathy of Prematurity and 70% hearing loss for 
> which
> I use hearing aids, I'm already 32 and have a psychology major, but apart
> from being curious as to your experiences in raising blind children (now
> that I'm grown I want to better understand all my parents had to go 
> through
> to get to where I'm now) I hope my childhood experiences I recall might
> help
> you guys who are only starting. Even more though I know the US has the
> custom of the children when going to college live on their own, the
> perspective here in Mexico and in other Latinamerican countries is
> different
> in that children (especially blind) live at home for more years, thus I'm
> encountering some situations maybe some of you have already encountered
> with
> your kids or may be new experiences for you guys that may help some of you
> in better coping with raising blind kids I'll be sharing little by little.
> Hopefully I'm welcome for the before-mentioned reasons; my expectations on
> being on the list are very high that I'll learn new tips I may use in
> coping
> especially with my mother and I'll be able to share tips that have hellped
> me that mey also help you in getting your children to the point in having
> careers and being adults integrated into society and sorry for my english;
> sometimes it isn't as good as I'd like but hope I made myself understood; 
> I
> know what I want to say but sometimes can't seem to find the right words 
> to
> say them. And some of my questions might be very obvious to you guys
> already
> in the NFB but because until recently I've discovered myself the list 
> might
> be new to me and give me new info I might not have known before so please
> bear with me; I'll try not to saturate the list. Again I'm very hopeful
> I'll
> get a lot out of the list. Beforehand thanks for accepting my presence.
> Gerardo
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