[blindkid] Cane stories

Gerardo Corripio gera1027 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 00:46:04 UTC 2010

Talking about canes and the like I remembered a cane story I'd like to 
share; surely some of you parents may have more? to kind of not get too 
serious here's mine: Back when I was in the university I got the chance to 
buy an NFB telescoping cane since a friend went to the US and brought it to 
me. Anyway I really enjoyed the cane's light and especially when tapping the 
sound was awesome! I could really get a sense of echos and the like. Anyhow 
I was going to the university's library and can you believe someone tripped 
over my new telescoping cane and the cane broke? I ended up with two parts: 
one in my hand and the other scattered somewhere on the ground and which I 
recovered thanks to a sighted person who saw what happened. I had no choice 
but to continue my way with the end I had in my hand which though got to my 
knees hight, I was bent over as I found my way to the library from where my 
cane broke! I didn't want to keep from sharing this story which stil makes 
me think how I managed with my broken cane find my way! Anymore stories?

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