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When Winona was learning facts, we did them orally. It is a different medium, and we felt the important thing was learning them, not being able to write them fast. We always try to get to the meat of the subject, "what are the kids expected to learn from this activity?"

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Hello friends,
What have your experiences been with timed sets of math facts?

My daughter brought home a "mad minute" paper today. We have had sheets with
the same name and format in the past, but what she said today was different.
"I need to be able to finish in one minute. That means I know my facts."

I worked with her orally--I read the problem, she said the answer, I wrote
the answer--and completed 17 facts in one minute and 19 facts in the second
minute. On the Perkins braillewriter, she finished 12 problems in a minute,
two tries in a row. I have sent her to work on her audible "Turbo Twist"
math game.

Anybody want to chime in on this? It seems to me we have a difference of
medium. I don't know if the time expectation is "fair," but I also don't
want her to have the problem of, "Oh, you only have to do half of the work."

Joy Orton
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