[blindkid] Suggestions for braille curriculum to teach at home

holly miller hollym12 at gmail.com
Sun May 2 04:24:47 UTC 2010

Since we still haven't gotten the school or the commission to agree to teach
Hank braille, we're going to try and do it ourselves. I would be more
comfortable with some kind of system/structure to follow.  A very nice young
man has offered to mentor Hank, we're going to start meeting with him next
week which will be a huge help.

Hank is 9, in 3rd grade and his reading ability is pretty much on grade
 He understands the concept of braille and can visually identify letters but
obviously we need to transfer to doing it tactually. Aside from his vision
there are no other physical or learning issues going on.

I've heard good things about the Mangold curriculum but wanted to know if
there is anything else I should look into.
http://www.exceptionalteaching.com/  has the Mangold basic reading program
for $189.  Is this a good place to buy it from?

Thanks so much!
aka Hank's mom


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