[blindkid] braille music notation?

Rosina Solano colemangirly at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 13:27:58 UTC 2010

Okay, I have a couple questions for both the kids and the parents:
My sons love music, my ycounger one can read larger size, but my older one is strictly a braille reader.  What do you all think of braille music notation?
I have read anywhere from, "you can't read braille music and play at the same time, so why bother"  to "just learn to play by ear".  
Or that "he is at a difficult time and just needs to concentrate on doing his math and regular braille better right now"
Ok, that all said and done, how many of you learned braille music and do you really use it?
My big thing is that if he really loves it, then I hate for him to have to wait for me or someone else to "read" to him the music or to have to find a copy of it somewhere for him to listen to.  Shouldn't all good musicians be able to "read" the music in the way it was written?
Okay, so maybe he can't read and play at the same time, but he CAN memorize, after all he memorizes all his songs now and he does great with it.
I just want him to reach his potential and he really LOVES music.  He is 12.5 years old and plays piano and drums.  He loves band in school and wants to take his piano even further.
So if you are for or against braille music, please chime in and tell me about it.  And if you are for it, do you know of a good system to teach him this at home.  keep in mind I know NO music myself and don't know the pros or cons.
Thank you in advance;




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