[blindkid] braille music notation?

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Fri May 28 17:04:21 UTC 2010

I never got to be a good Braille music reader because the music wasn't 
really my thing, although I started playing piano in 2nd grade and the flute 
in 5th grade.  I think I started learning to read music in either 2nd or 3rd 
grade.  I did both read music and learn by ear.
I was never good at timing so I memorized the Braille notes that I saw and 
learned the timing by having the teacher play it for me.
I think most people are just afraid of the music because they don't know it 
or how to play an instrument.

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Subject: [blindkid] braille music notation?

> Okay, I have a couple questions for both the kids and the parents:
> My sons love music, my ycounger one can read larger size, but my older one 
> is strictly a braille reader.  What do you all think of braille music 
> notation?
> I have read anywhere from, "you can't read braille music and play at the 
> same time, so why bother"  to "just learn to play by ear".
> Or that "he is at a difficult time and just needs to concentrate on doing 
> his math and regular braille better right now"
> Ok, that all said and done, how many of you learned braille music and do 
> you really use it?
> My big thing is that if he really loves it, then I hate for him to have to 
> wait for me or someone else to "read" to him the music or to have to find 
> a copy of it somewhere for him to listen to.  Shouldn't all good musicians 
> be able to "read" the music in the way it was written?
> Okay, so maybe he can't read and play at the same time, but he CAN 
> memorize, after all he memorizes all his songs now and he does great with 
> it.
> I just want him to reach his potential and he really LOVES music.  He is 
> 12.5 years old and plays piano and drums.  He loves band in school and 
> wants to take his piano even further.
> So if you are for or against braille music, please chime in and tell me 
> about it.  And if you are for it, do you know of a good system to teach 
> him this at home.  keep in mind I know NO music myself and don't know the 
> pros or cons.
> Thank you in advance;
> Rosina
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