[blindkid] Questions about rulers and perpetual calendars

Wendy Molle wmolle at schoharie.k12.ny.us
Tue Nov 2 14:37:25 UTC 2010

    As part of our 4th grade math curriculum, our students need to use rulers that go down to 16ths of an inch AND perpetual calendars.  Does anyone know where we can locate Braille versions of these? 
     We and our TVI have not been able to find anything.  We tried to make a ruler, but with no success.  When we tried to type in the perpetual calendar to emboss it, it got all garbled and unusable.  Although I am sure it could be sorted out, it would be very time-consuming.  We are hoping that someone knows where we can purchase one.
Thanks for your help!
Wendy Molle
Schoharie Elementary

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