[blindkid] blindkid Digest, Vol 79, Issue 7

Leslie Ligon atfirstsight at ligondesign.com
Mon Nov 8 18:37:47 UTC 2010

Rene, thank you very much for posting the original - the one I got 
shortly after we found out Ethan was going to be blind.

It's a powerful analogy and after having just talked last Wednesday to 
yet another *new* mom, I used my own to try and help her sort through 
terribly hard emotions of dealing with a child who's cancer treatment 
will more than likely cause complete blindness (neuroblastoma) without 
the necessarily resulting in completely eradicating the cancer.

I asked her to try hard not to think of blindness as a sighted person, 
i.e., loss of something, but instead, as a new perspective gained. That 
there are many fun things even a very sick blind child can enjoy doing 
while propped up in bed hours each day. And that making the decision to 
try and save their five-year-old son's life would never be a bad 
direction to go, regardless of any of the results.

On this woman's behalf, if any of you have gone through this particular 
or similar scenario and don't mind passing your information to her, 
please let me know. I'll get it to her.

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