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You are definitely creating some discontent among us house- and 
place-bound families! :-[ !!  I really enjoy hearing about your trip.


Carol Castellano
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
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At 08:54 AM 10/7/2010, you wrote:
>Some great pictures from our adventure.  What a learning experience for the
>children.  Brandon swims under water and Vinnie has learned that he can
>maneuver around the pool along the edges, even though he can't swim and he
>has no fear.  Step one.  More to come!  We will be exploring Key West this
>We only had one day in the last 4 months when we put on pants and that was
>in Oregon.  Yes we are wearing clothes, but just shorts and tees.  Actually
>had to purchase new swim suits, as the ones we had wore out.  Everyone has
>switched over to sandals rather than sneakers for comfort and they are
>Did you know there is a National Park off the Keys.  However, you can only
>access it by boat, as it is an Island.  Therefore it is inaccessible and
>unaffordable at over $100.00 per person for the boat ride.
>Most days are good, but there are some hard days when we miss family and
>friends.  Of course Mercy doesn't miss home because, "There is so much to do
>and see!"  This also is good incentive to get school work done.  Right now,
>she is getting her school work done in 3 and 1/2 to 4 and 1/2 days unless we
>are having Asthmas issues.  Yes we do have quite a healthy curriculum with
>extra reading and spelling curriculum.  They are all excellent travellers,
>although travel now is only on weekends because of school.
>  Key West is awesome!  Continued prayers for Lou as he searches.  We will be
>starting to look for our winter home in the next couple of weeks.
>Love and Blessings,
>Sue and the gang
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>Hi gang,
>Thought I ought to send you pictures from Key West just so you'd believe we
>finally got here.  We can believe it ourselves except when you ask Brandon
>where we are, he says, "Paradise.'
>12,400 miles, 38 states and 2 provinces later, here we are.  God is good!
>  82 degree days, 72 degree nights and not expected to change much for the
>next 6 months.
>The iguanas running all around, the land crabs as pictured here in the front
>flower bed and the coconut palm trees overhead are quite convincing.  When
>the swimming pool water is cooler than the ocean water you must not be in
>Maine.  We are at the "other end" of Route 1.
>Hope you are all well and we wish you all were here.
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