[blindkid] Fwd: [Westernwaynemi] Braille Embosser raffle

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Oct 8 16:52:50 UTC 2010

>From: <nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com>
>Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 23:40:26 -0400
>Subject: [Westernwaynemi] Braille Embosser raffle
>The new Ann Arbor Michigan NFB chapter will be raffling off a used 
>enabling Technology Juliette double sided embosser.
>  You do not have to be present at the NFB of Michigan state 
> convention to win! The cost per ticket will be $5.00! Part of the 
> ticket price includes the cost of shipping the embosser to you. 
> This $4000 item is very heavy. If you will not be attending state 
> convention and want to purchase tickets send a message to
><mailto:Nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com>Nickwilcox_2000 at msn.com
>If you will not be attending the convention I will need to have your 
>check by October 28 2010.

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