[blindkid] Visual goals?

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I didn't really worry about #1.  I guess we just talked about pictures in 
books and concentrated on real life experiences to learn about things.  My 
son started learning braille in preschool. He could type/identify numbers 
and letters before kindergarten.  When he got to kindergarten I was told he 
was already supposed to be able to count to 100 by 1's 2's 3's and 10's.  We 
concentrated on numbers starting then.  I think it might have been the 
beginning of his math block.  I'm starting to believe that kids need to be 
encouraged to learn but kids need to learn when they are ready. Artificial 
deadlines can hurt some kids.

Sally Thomas
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> Hi all, I've been looking over information on what your child should know 
> before kindergarten and there's a lot of visually oriented stuff--colors, 
> tell a story by looking at pictures, predict the story by looking at 
> pictures and of course recognizing letters.
> #1 How do/did you deal with these types of goals?
> #2 At what point was your child able to identify Braille letters?
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