[blindkid] blindkid Digest, Vol 78, Issue 12

Leslie Ligon atfirstsight at ligondesign.com
Mon Oct 11 21:42:10 UTC 2010

  Thank you everyone, for all of this terrific support. Now it looks 
really good:

This morning a Cooper-Hewitt museum representative wrote to say that the 
Braille Alphabet bracelet is in the Top 5 and doing well, so it looks 
like the bracelet has a great chance! They are encouraging us to get out 
the vote. The voting ends on tomorrow,Tuesday, October 12 at 6:00 pm 
Eastern Standard Time. Would you be willing to forward this link to 
people you know, asking them to vote?

Here is the Link: 

All it takes is a quick registration (and you'll get no follow up 
e-mails from the museum---at least my husband hasn't in the past 3 
years) and vote. While it would be a great honor for me, winning might 
provide yet another public platform for the continued discussion about 
the importance of Braille literacy, a cause about which both of us feel 
very passionate.

Thank you again. I appreciate any help you maybe able to lend.

Sincere best, as always,
Leslie Ligon
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