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You're most welcome.  I think it is beautifully articulate; one of those 
messages we should post periodically to keep those thoughts in mind.


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Thank you Debbie! I needed that today, a lot.
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I read this post on a listserv for parents of children with retinoblastoma, 
and want to share it with all parents who worry that they may have somehow 
done something that caused their child to have an illness or disability.


It is nice that people, lawyers as well as proper scientists, try to find 
out if there are certain chemicals etc that can cause things like RB. That 
can help in banning dangerous products and help us avoid unnecessary risks.

But for most of us, noone did anything, drank anything, inhaled anything, or 
in any other manner did ANYTHING whatsoever that caused the problem.

Unless there had been mutations, there would not be humans, nor flowers. We 
all come from one cell organisms with no organs whatsoever.
nature wants diversity. Or, maybe she doesn't, but it happens and we benefit 
from it, since diversity made us the beings that can see, hear, walk, eat, 
think, and feel, instead of just being amoeba-blobs in the ocean.

Mutations cause genius, stronger muscles, new eye colors, but also disease.
In some cases, what seems like a disease at first, proved to be what 
benefited the individuals getting that mutation, and made them a whole new 

The amoebas didn't work in a hazardous environment or drink too much alcohol 
or smoke: Sunrays are enough radiation to make it happen, as is cell 
The one cell organisms developed despite "doing everything right".

Now, yes, I know we can do things to try and hurt our unborns or newborns, 
but most of you probably have not. A certain number of children every year 
WILL be born with RB no matter what we do.

So, if you KNOW or think you were exposed; go ahead and get this properly 
investigated. That is good.
But if you can not remember anything special, then "cosmic rays" etc is 
probably the cause in the sense that none of us can eat, drink, breathe or 
just exist without being exposed to toxins - not the ones we recently 
started to create chemically, but fully normal ones that have always been 

Rays from the sun.
Oxidants from the food.
Cell divisions needed to make and keep our bodies.

So don't spend too much time trying to find out what did it - it happened.

If you are planning to have children - avoid toxins, especially inhaling 
them voluntarily - can't help putting some anti-smoking advice here - and 
eat fruits and vegetables a lot.

But even if all mothers were isolated and given healthy foods, lovely 
meditations, and a radiation free environment, an almost constant percent of 
them would have babies with problems. Some genetic, some from other causes.

Just so you know in case you worry about not being able to "recall" what 
"caused" the RB.

Anna Olsén
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