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>Exploring Microsoft Word 2007 with Jaws
>By Toni Fraser
>In Braille, eBraille, Large Print, or ASCII Text/Word, $10
>Author Toni Fraser set out to learn how to use Microsoft Word, but she
>found that while many state agencies across the country had started to
>use and teach Word 07, her state had not. She saw the need and decided
>to write this book.
>Fraser writes the book using Word 2007, JAWS 11, and Windows 7, but the
>book's lessons apply to any version of Windows that can run Office 2007
>with JAWS versions 8 and above. She covers the Microsoft Word and JAWS
>keystrokes, showing how JAWS "speaks" what many things are - and that it
>doesn't have to be scary! Learn how to use style sheets, create a table
>of contents, do a mail merge, add automatic page numbers,
>password-protect your documents - and much more!
>Note: The ASCII Text edition also includes a Microsoft Word edition.
>Select "ASCII Text" - either CD-ROM or Download - from the drop-down
>list, and you will receive both the ASCII Text and Word editions.
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